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Price Estimation Test

Welcome! You are about to take a test on Lab in the Wild.

How well can you estimate prices of apartments?

Given an apartment description, how good are you at estimating its price? Compare yourself to other people and to an Artificial Intelligent agent! This study takes around 7 minutes.


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First we want to learn a little bit more about you in order to understand your personal decision style when choosing between options.


You will be presented with 24 questions about apartment price prediction. For each question you will be given an apartment description, and your task is to estimate what that apartment actually sold for. You may also be assisted by an AI that is still under development.

The apartments are located in the Upper West Side in New York City.

Here is what a typical question looks like:

example of a question you will be asked in this test

Try to answer the questions as accurately as possible.

Great Job :)!

The main source of carbohydrates on this plate is: mashed potatoes.

Now for the real deal. It'll be the same as the practice you just took.

When you're ready, press next to begin the test!

Question out of

Question goes here

What do you think this apartment actually sold for?

How was your experience?


How mentally demanding was understanding how this AI makes decisions?

    Very high

Now, you will complete the second part of the test!


As before, you will be presented with 6 questions about exercise recommendation. For each, among the activities present you will choose the one that is the most optimal for the person given what you know about them. You will then see an AI suggestion about the optimal activity, and will be asked to evaluate your previous choice.

Here is what a typical question looks like:

example of a question you will be asked in this test

Try to answer the questions as accurately as possible.


You're halfway through! How was your experience?

Thank you for your participation!

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In general, you the prices of the apartments. Your estimations were off on average by >.

Other people, who took the same test, on average the prices of the apartments. Their estimations were off by .

We also trained an Artificially Intelligent (AI) model to predict the prices of apartments given their descriptions. For the same apartments, the AI model the prices of the apartments. Its estimations on average were off by .

More about this study.
With this study we seek to understand how to best support people with AI during decision-making. We designed several assistance types and assigned participants, such as yourself, randomly to them.

The following is the list of different designs of the study that a participant could be randomly assigned to:

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